Security Mirrors 101

Not sure which type of security mirror to buy?

Below is a complete description of each type of mirror and the type of coverage provided.  You can also check out our shop by mirror need page that outlines different locations and the best security mirror for those locations.

Convex Security Mirror

convex mirror

Typically when you are trying to view and pinpoint a particular area, you would use a convex mirror. Because the lens of a convex mirror is curved less than that of a dome style mirror, the image in the convex mirror would be larger and less distorted. All of the fully adjustable installation hardware comes complete with the convex mirrors. Convex mirrors are available in both indoor and outdoor models. Convex safety mirrors allow 160 degrees of vision.

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Dome Security Mirror

Dome Mirror

For wider angle viewing, dome mirrors are available in 360, 180, and 90 degree models. The dome mirror lens is curved more than the convex mirror lens, allowing a wider angle of vision.

For overhead viewing and vision at a 4-way intersection or hallway, you would choose the 360 degree full dome mirror. This mirror allows vision from virtually every angle.

At a “T” shaped intersection or hallway, the 180 degree half dome mirror would be used. This mirror allows for 3 way vision

For small offices and “L” shaped hallways the 90 degree quarter dome would be used.

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Flat Panel Mirror

flat mirrors

For overhead viewing – distortion free – flat panel acrylic security mirrors provide optimum vision. Ideal for use in a suspended ceiling where either a 2’x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ceiling grid is used. Available in both regular acrylic mirror and see-thru acrylic mirror. The see-thru mirror can be used for an overhead observation area or with a security camera. Simply replace the existing acoustical ceiling panel with the mirrored panel.

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