Benefits of Indoor Convex Security Mirrors

Benefits of Indoor Convex Security Mirrors

If your business or organization’s interior has dangerous blind spots and/or intersections, security mirrors may be an option for you. Especially in retail shops that are open to the public, security mirrors can even help to prevent and discourage theft or vandalism. In addition, the use of  indoor convex security mirrors can help to reduce the number of accidents for anything within the mirror’s line of vision, namely around blind corners or doorways or to deter theft.

A benefit of indoor convex security mirrors is the ability to have a 180-degree view, which allows people a clearer view of what is going on in their store or establishment. The general rule of thumb when it comes to these particular mirrors is to mount them within 15 to 20 feet of any object or area you’re looking to monitor. Rounded and rectangular convex mirrors work  well in areas with low-ceilings.

Another benefit of using indoor security mirrors is that they are a relatively low cost way to enhance security in your business. Even if your business uses security cameras, indoor security mirrors can help with seeing in those blind spots that cameras may not pick up on. In addition these mirrors also increase safety by allowing people to view areas before approaching.

At Superior Mirror, our convex indoor safety and security mirrors are made from shatter resistant acrylic. If you’re looking to promote overall safety and security in your organization, convex mirrors can be a good solution at a low cost.

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