Care and Cleaning of Your Security Mirror

Care and Cleaning of Your Security Mirror

Installing security mirrors increases the chances of having a safe, health work environment. However, if these security mirrors are not cared for properly, you may notice some marks or even damage as time passes. The older the security mirror, the more they endure (especially outdoor mirrors) – the more likely they are to tarnish, get dirty, scratch or even crack. But, there are tips and tricks for you to maintain a spotless, scratch-free mirror.

Tips for Cleaning Your Security Mirror

When it comes to cleaning convex security mirrors, generally soap, water and a lint-free cloth can get the job done just fine. However, certain polishes can really give your security mirrors that good-as-new, bright face. Scrubbing your mirrors with a dry cloth saturated with non-abrasive polishes will give your mirrors a shinier reflection. Other polishes, like abrasive acids and/or solvents will do more harm than good. It’s important to use these solutions in particular as they’re less likely to leave water marks or unsightly streaks.

Scratch Removal

Just because your mirror may be scratched, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ruined. There are techniques that can help return your scratched security mirror to its original condition. Jewelry-polish compounds, like cerium oxide can be effective when restoring a mirror’s original shine. Mixing this solution with water and applying it to the scratch oftentimes will help the appearance. If a small scratch turns into a crack, then it may be time to consider replacing your security mirror altogether.

Taking good care of your security mirrors will ensure that they’ll last longer. Though security mirrors mounted in outdoor locations have a higher chance of getting dirty or scratched, it’s important to maintain both indoor and outdoor security mirrors.

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