Care of Your Security Mirror

Care of Your Security Mirror

Our customers often ask us how to care for their security mirror. To ensure a long use with your security mirror, it’s important to properly take care of the mirror or mirrors including cleaning and maintenance. This is true for both indoor and outdoor security mirrors, but especially outdoor with their regular exposure to the elements – rain, snow, sun, wind, etc.

Regular Cleaning of Your Security Mirror

It’s important to regularly clean your security mirror to ensure that the field of view is clear. Regularly cleaning your security mirror will also help to increase its longevity. For regular cleaning, we recommend using standard soap and water and following with a non-abrasive polish to add a shine.

Our acrylic security mirrors are very durable, but occasionally there may be scratching depending on its location and use. For clearing of scratches on the mirror face, we recommend using a non-abrasive plastic polish.

General Maintenance of Your Security Mirror

As with any mounted equipment, it’s important to regularly check on your security mirror or mirrors to ensure they are securely mounted. Outdoor mirrors are especially important to check as wind and rain or snow tend to affect the mounting, or potentially move the positioning of the mirror and the area that is reflected.

Care and maintenance of security mirrors, is easy, but important. Good care will ensure that your mirror will last for years to come.

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