Is Your Facility Secured?

Is Your Facility Secured?

Security mirrors are a critical part of an industrial environment for both safety and security. From a safety perspective, convex mirrors help to increase visibility in the aisles of your facility and eliminate blind spots for avoiding accidents. For outdoor areas, outdoor convex mirrors are ideal for driveways, loading docks, and other areas where trucks need to go in and out.

From a security perspective, convex mirrors can help to prevent theft of merchandise by allowing for easy monitoring in areas that may normally be difficult to fully view. The use of security mirrors in industrial facilities will act as a deterrent to those considering stealing.

Both round and rectangular indoor convex security mirrors are ideal for warehouses and other industrial locations that have numerous aisles or large equipment that make it difficult to see around. Convex mirrors will allow for visibility in those areas to help avoid accidents. In addition, dome mirrors can be used in industrial environments for a wider angle of vision.

Industrial facilities often have loading docks where trucks are continually coming and going. Having an outdoor round or rectangular convex mirror can increase the safety in these areas by providing a bigger field of visions and the ability to see around corners.

As industrial facility layouts change, it’s important to do regular inspections of areas inside and out to determine if a security mirror is necessary.

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