Parking Lot & Parking Garage Safety Mirrors

Parking Lot & Parking Garage Safety Mirrors

Safety mirrors are a must for parking lots and parking garages. While security surveillance via cameras are ideal for monitoring activity and reviewing incidents after they occur, safety mirrors provide a more immediate protection for both the vehicles and their owners.

Increased Visibility

Convex mirrors used in parking lots provide ample visibility for both drivers and pedestrians, which is essential for safety and parking enforcement rules. Due to the wide-range of vision that safety mirrors offer, drivers and pedestrians alike will have a better field-of-vision for any at-risk, busy areas to avoid accidents. Safety mirrors cover the blind spots you may not normally be able to see from your own car. For parking lots, outdoor safety mirrors are strong and durable and built to withstand all types of weather conditions, so there’s no need to worry of any damage the cold, harsher winter months may cause.

Increased Safety

The use of safety mirrors in parking garages and parking lots can also help protect the safety of its users. Having convex security mirrors located throughout the lot or garage will provide its users with a wider field of vision allowing them to see if someone may be coming up behind them or allow them to see around corners. They can also act as a deterrent against crime as would-be assailants don’t want to be caught in the act. In addition, security patrols can use these mirrors to monitor for theft or vandalism.

‘Tis the Season

Parking lot and parking garage safety is even more important as we approach the busy holiday shopping season when they get much busier with holiday shopping traffic. This excess traffic leads to an increased number of accidents and as people store gifts and other items in their car, there is also an increase in theft.

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