Securing Your Retail Store During the Post-Holiday Season

Securing Your Retail Store During the Post-Holiday Season

The holiday gift buying rush may be over, but so begins the post-holiday shopping rush. Whether it’s due to an influx of returns and exchanges, shoppers for post-holiday sales or a combination of both, traffic in retail stores is very likely to increase again just after the holidays. A spike in retail store traffic cannot only spur additional sales, but also additional retail thefts. As a retail store owner, here are some ways you can combat in-store thefts – not only during and after the holidays, but throughout the year.

Store Security Mirrors

Store security mirrors are extremely useful in monitoring traffic that comes in and out of your retail store. If a would-be theft even sees a security mirror, they are less likely to attempt theft for fear of being caught. Security mirrors can help employees identify when someone enters the store and when they leave even if not able to see the door directly.  In addition, security mirrors allow you to monitor activity through the store at any given time.

Maintain a Well-Organized, Well-Lit Store

An organized store can make it much easier to spot a potential theft.  In addition, well-organized stores signal to a potential shoplifter that you care about your business and therefore are more likely to be on the lookout for thieves.

Additional Trained Staff

With an influx in shoppers it is often necessary to hire additional employees. This is to ensure you have enough people not only for good customer service, but also to monitor the store for potential shoplifters. Employees should be trained on how to monitor the store by way of security mirror or other method and to notify you if they suspect theft.

Monitor Inventory Often

Keep track of your inventory to make sure it’s accounted for. If something is off, take note of the item(s), especially to determine if there is a trend. If your inventory is off, and it occurs with a specific product or group of products, take measures to prevent theft of these items.

Keep Commonly Stolen Items Under Watchful Eye

For those items that are more commonly stolen – often smaller, more accessible articles – keep them in plain view. This may be close to the checkout or in a location that is easily viewable either by security mirror or other security device.

Have a Store Greeter

A store greeter stays towards the front of the store to greet those that come in as well as to say goodbye to those who leave. This person can be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and keep an eye on everyone as they leave to see what is being taken out of the store or anything odd.

And, shoplifters are not the only people to be aware of. During the holiday season, retail stores often need extra staff and therefore hire seasonal workers. When hiring seasonal workers it’s important to check background and references to ensure

What have you done to combat shoplifting either during the holidays or other time of the year? Share your stories in the comments below.

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