Security Mirrors: Which to Choose

Security Mirrors: Which to Choose

Choosing the right security mirror isn’t always a cut-and-dry, easy decision. There are many different factors that play into differing security mirrors. For example: the size, the differences in glass vs acrylic, indoor vs. outdoor security mirrors and more.

Before you can come to a final decision, first understand the purpose of your desired security mirror. What will it be used for? Where will it go? Once you can answer these questions, it’s time to decide what type of security mirror to choose.


When determining which size convex mirror to go with, consider three things: what are you trying to see with this mirror, how far away will the mirror be and where do you plan on the mirror being mounted. From there, it will be easier to decide which size mirror will make the most sense in your specific situation. The larger the mirror, the larger your viewing area will be.


Convex mirrors can be acrylic or glass, each serving a unique purpose. Acrylic mirrors are shatter resistant (not proof) and much lighter than that of the glass. Ideally, these particular mirrors are used in offices, warehouses and schools.

Glass mirrors are scratch resistant. With proper care, glass mirrors are a great investment – best used in medical offices and higher-end establishments.


Knowing where you’re going to place your security mirror plays a major role in your decision. Most notably, if your mirror is going to be placed indoors or outdoors. Some mirrors are more durable and likely to withstand wind and inclement weather.

If you first consider why you need a security mirror, or why it might be a good option for your security requirements, then you can determine the other factors that will make it a great fit for your needs.

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