Security Mirrors for Home Security & Safety

Security Mirrors for Home Security & Safety

Home security is top of mind for many. Outdoor convex mirrors can be a good option for protecting your home not just for security reasons, but also for safety.  Outdoor convex mirrors are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain, making them a good option when you don’t want to make the investment into a more complex home security system.

Convex Mirrors for Home Security

Convex mirrors can be a great asset for protecting your home. When placed strategically around your home, they allow you to view areas you would not normally be able to see without going outside. Some locations security mirrors can be used around the home include:

  • Side of the Home: It can be difficult to see the side of your home well without going outside. Security mirrors would allow you to see areas around corners and with not a lot of windows.
  • The Front or Back Door: Placing a smaller mirror by your front or back door can help you view anyone outside before opening the door.

Convex Mirrors for Home Safety

Convex mirrors can be used at several points in your home to improve safety for yourself and others. They are a great option for viewing areas hidden around curves or those not easily visible from your car.

  • Driveway: When used at the end of the driveway, these mirrors can help you to see oncoming traffic when backing out
  • Garage: Like the driveway, when backing out of the garage, you may want to be able to see the surrounding areas to look for any obstructions.
  • Backyard: Convex mirrors can be a great way to check on the backyard for watching the kids play, a pet, or to see if anyone or anything is back there.
  • Pool: If you have a pool, a mirror can be helpful to monitor the pool if not right next to it.

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