Shop by Security Mirror Use


Superior Mirror’s security mirrors and safety mirrors can be used in a variety of applications and a mirror can be used for a variety of different needs. Below is a list of some common locations in need of a security mirror and our recommendations on the type of mirror to use depending on your specific security mirror need. We have also included a list of recommended safety mirrors based on type of application.

If you have any questions on which security mirror would be best for your needs, please email us or call toll-free at 1-866-457-0858.

Security Mirror Recommendations by Location and Application:


Retail Store
Security Mirror


Department Store
Security Mirror


Convenience Store Mirror


Gas Station Mirror

Office Mirror

School Mirror


Library Mirror

Home Entryway Mirror


Driveway Mirror

Warehouse Mirror


Factory Mirror


Shipping/Receiving Mirror



Hospital Security Mirror

Correctional Facility
Security Mirror

Parking Garage
Security Mirror



Drive Up Window


Security Mirrors
For Low Ceilings


Security Mirrors
For Suspended Ceilings


Security Mirrors
For Outdoor Applications


Mirrors for
Hallway Intersections



Security Checkpoint Mirror