Some quiet reflection: Types of Security Mirrors

Some quiet reflection: Types of Security Mirrors

It’s a common, chronic problem: building layouts and objects prevent total visibility in the workplace. Since all security mirrors are not created equal (for good reason), it is often left to the customer to try and figure out the problem areas and pick the best mirror for the job. In this post we’re going to help you identify the different products Superior Mirror provides, and which mirrors fit the unique needs of your establishment. Trust us, it actually can be fun. No, we’re not kidding!

Convex Mirrors

First on the list are our multi-purpose convex mirrors. Designed to handle blind spots with ease, convex mirrors are perfect for beefing up security in parking lots, warehouses, office spaces, alleyways, or any other location in and around your property that has high foot/vehicle traffic but poor visibility. Great for seeing around corners, our convex mirrors are made of shatter-resistant acrylic compounds and have the added benefit of coming in round or rectangular styles. Choose from indoor or outdoor designs too!

Dome mirrors

Next up are our dome mirrors which (as the name suggests) have a spherical reflective surface. Unlike convex mirrors, dome mirrors are designed for maximum visible versatility by providing up to 360 degrees of coverage. These mirrors are best used for interior applications that have security or safety concerns in multiple directions simultaneously, such as intersecting hallway junctions or high above retail or work spaces. In addition to 360 degree varieties, dome mirrors also come in 90 degree and 180 degree styles as well.

Flat Panel Mirrors

Before we wrap up our product list, we can’t forget the classic reflective addition to any security family: the flat panel mirror. While not Omni-directional like convex or dome mirrors, flat panel mirrors provide a clear, broad view of all areas within its range and have no restrictions on size (in relation to clarity). Flat panel mirrors also come in a “see-thru” design, allowing cameras and other video monitoring equipment to be placed behind them.

Bottom line: there’s plenty of mirrors for everyone, no matter what your needs. Hopefully that helped shed some light (no pun intended) on our products and help differentiate between them. And feel free to call us folks here at Superior Mirror with questions (585-865-9828), or send us an email: See you soon!

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